When The Time Comes, Breastfeed Your Baby

This is a pro-article in favor of new moms and newborns. We write in favor of babies who want the best quality food they deserve. And, we also mention some of the ways for those who, for some genuine reason, are not able to do that directly. Over the past 50 years, a series of developments in medical science and general awareness has been helping burst the myths around the word “breastfeeding”. The news and articles are all fine, but as a baby care product advisor, what would you do or can you do to help all babies get what they deserve? It is a challenge to build products that are really sensitive to the newborns.

As we know that babies can better digest the food, which is their mother’s milk, and that is the root of all the devices that we hear about every day.So what are they? We hear about stuff like breast warmer pads, lactation aid, and breastfeeding gown for moms, breast shells and a whole series of natural and organic breastfeeding and baby care products. There are so many types of these that you might not have even heard of. All this is attributed to helping the two: mom and baby promote just one thing, that is, breastfeed.

This is good news for sure and being a pro-breastfeeding article we are not against it. Why would we be? It is facilitating what the baby deserves after all. And, as we mentioned, if for some reason, some health issues, the mother is not advised to breastfeed the baby, there have to be other alternatives. In many cases, there are more complex methods employed. For example, if the mother is not advised to feed her baby at all, there have to be other methods to feed the baby that provides all the nutrition and support it needs right after birth.

While that is not the concern or primary objective of this small article, but just to know there might be cases such as these. Another widely known method that is on the more complex side is called colostrum collection or harvesting. In this process, the secretions from the mother’s breast during pregnancy, called colostrum, is collected and not waster even before the baby is actually born. There is a whole domain that deals with this method, various ways of doing so and so forth.And, post that the colostrum which is rich in antibodies and very much required by the bay is stored by freezing it. It is used if the necessity arises after the baby is born.lactation-aids