Top Three Recipes You Can Make In Cast Iron Cookware

Cooking is a tradition in itself. Recipes are transferred from generation to generation with love and compassion. These recipes are kept as a secret and guarded with great secrecy throughout life. We must be familiar with a recipe that only is made by our granny or mother. They usually have their own way of cooking and doing things. Even after getting the recipe, that magical touch that taste will still be missing. Most of the time they have a peculiar way of doing things and that small, minor detail makes all the difference. Many recipes include instructions such as using only the specific ingredients in specific quantity, some recipes include instructions such as using only cast iron cookware in Australia for cooking and some have specific cooking time. If followed, these recipes give awesome results of lip-smacking food that leaves everyone in awe.  

Traditional food requires to be cooked traditionally with all the necessary pre-requisites. One thing that was quite common in the past was all the cooking was done in cast iron cookware due to its countless benefits. Some of these recipes that are a clear hit with everyone and sure to win hearts in every gathering are mentioned with detail below.  

  • Casserole 

Making casserole is something everyone has witnessed by their granny’s. It is a onepot dish that is a wholesome meal in itself with all the necessary nutrients and caloric count. This casserole is recommended to be made in cast iron cookware specifically a deep long cast iron dish. A thick creamy mixture of cream, cream cheese is made with all the seasoning. Then boiled shredded chicken is added along with all boiled and finally cut spinach. Give these ingredients a good mix and lay them down in the cast iron dish. Add a hefty topping of bread crumbs and mozzarella cheese and let it bake in the oven at 150 centigrade for 25 to 30 minutes. 

  • Bread pudding 

This little recipe is easy as well as delicious. It’s a little something that you can whip up easily when guests arrive unannounced. This is a sweet dish that can be served warm or cold depending on individual preference. Usually, it is served with a chocolate sauce and cold vanilla ice-cream. All you have to do is get a good quality French bread or croissants, and shred them in bite size pieces and lay them evenly in the cast iron cookware. Then make a thin runny custard with egg yolks, milk, vanilla essence and sugar. Pour this custard on the bread and stick it in the oven till it gets nice and caramelized.  

  • One pot pasta 

Pasta is an essential dish in every household. This onepot pasta is cooked in cast iron cookware by sautéing vegetables of choice, chicken or beef. After cooking the vegetables and protein, chicken stock is added along with the pasta and cooked till pasta reaches the stage of al Dante.