Flashpacking: The New Way Of Travelling

We all have heard of conventional backpacking and typical trekking. Most of us have tried these adventures and now probably have enough experience as a professional backpacker. But where can we go from there? If you are a travel enthusiast and are in mid or late 20s or in your early 30s, you must have done a good heap of travelling. Most probably you have covered a wide range of travelling destinations as a young teenager and maybe now you are fed up with the typical and common routine as a backpacker. Or maybe now you have enough money to spend for a luxurious trip but you still loves to go hiking with a small budget. What can you really do?

Conventional backpacker

If you are a passionate traveler and a hiker, backpacking is not a new experience for you, of course. It is really a “one of a kind” experience. Conventional backpackers do not have an age limit but most of the time, college students, undergraduates and teenagers tend to be more enthusiastic about backpack travelling. A backpacker is a traveler who carries only a backpack with all the essentials neatly packed within his or her backpack. Also, they don’t stay the nights in fancy hotels most of the times. It is really a fun way to enjoy life and sometimes it can be a little hectic, depending on the destination. But that is the fun part in backpacking. You can travel long distances, alone or with a couple of friends, and in the end you will create a lot of good and unique memories. A conventional backpacker needs siam hostel at Bangkok does not go for luxurious travel trends, most of the time. And they do not pack anything that they don’t need.


This is the next step of conventional backpacking. Specially if you are in your late 20s or in your early 30s, this new trend is ideal for you. This travelling trend has an age group because it is ideal for young people who are stable in their lives with a decent income, and have a heart full of desires to travel. Most of these flashpackers have travelled a lot of places as teenagers or as backpackers and now all they want is to gain new experiences with a little touch of luxury.

These travelers have a good income and thus they can afford many luxuries as well. Flashpackers tend to stay nights at a backpacker hostel at Chao Hostel because these places provide a unique experience. These places are affordable and they can accommodate all the flashpacker’s gadgets such as laptops, DSLR cameras etc.This new phenomenon called flashpacking is a rapidly growing trend and it is trending all over the world. It is also one of the best experiences that anyone can have and if you are looking for a plan to make your vacation special, Flashpacking would be a great idea to try out!